Synthetic biotechnology

by Jahnvi Sharma

Synthetic biotechnology involves the manipulation of biological compounds like integration of artificial amino acids into proteins, polymer synthesis and manipulation victimisation artificial sequences, oligonucleotide synthesis, macromolecule modification using artificial compounds etc. the compounds created synthetically are orthogonally integrated into cells that are chosen to produce an appropriate experimental strategy.

Synthetic biology represents a convergence of advances in chemistry, biology, technology, and engineering. systematic ways for increasing the speed, scale, and preciseness with which we tend to engineer biological systems. In a sense, artificial biology is thought of as the development of a biology-based “toolkit” that permits improved products across several industries, as well as drugs, energy and also the environment. The manipulations within the wild type system by the designed systems are studied varying their potency.

Synthetic biologists are operating to develop:

Standardized biological elements -- determine and catalogue standardized genomic elements which will be used (and synthesized quickly) to make novel biological systems;

Applied macromolecule style -- re-design existing biological elements and expand the set of natural protein functions for new processes;

Natural product synthesis -- engineer microbes to supply all of the required enzymes and biological functions to perform advanced multistep production of natural products; and

Synthetic genetic science -- design and construct a ‘simple’ genome for a natural microorganism.

Commercial corporations that sell artificial DNA (oligonucleotides, genes, or genomes) to users are DNA synthesis companies, as well as ATG: biosynthetic, Blue Heron Biotechnology, DNA 2.0, GENEART and Genomatica.

Leading shopper corporations of the DNA that are building novel biological systems for bioproducts, biofuels, and also the health care sector include Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc., Codexis, Genencor (A Division of Danisco), Life Technologies, Genomatica, Qteros, coda genomics, modular genetics, DNA2.0, Inc., Verdezyne, DSM, Myriant, Gevo, Inc., LS9, Inc., OPX Biotechnologies, Solazyme and synthetic genomics, Inc.

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