Roots Analysis Pvt Ltd, Mohali



Biotech, 3rd year

Student of UIET, Panjab University

I worked as an intern at Roots Analysis Pvt Ltd, Mohali which is a business research and consulting company. The company specializes in providing in-depth business research and consulting services for the biotechnology/pharmaceuticals industry. The projects that I worked on were comprehensive business reports focused on the ‘Antibody Drug Discovery Services’ and ‘Oncology Drug Discovery Services’.

The Antibody Drug Discovery Services provides information on the discovery of antibodies from the selection of a viable molecular target to the selection of a clinical candidate. The Oncology Drug Discovery Services provides a general introduction to the overall drug discovery process including the drug development timeline.

The experience of working as an intern at Roots Analysis was fascinating and the experience was enough to mould me as I advance into my career. The most amazing part of this internship was to get my first ever stipend. The feeling was just amazing.

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