How do we develop immunity?

by Taha Ali Khan

Human body has a special extensible ability that makes its immune system adaptive. This helps the immune system to gain knowledge of new and dangerous viruses and eventually develop a strong defense for the body against these viruses.

During the corona virus infection, the virus uses its surface spikes protein to lock onto ACE2 receptors on the surface of human cells. Once inside, these cells translate the virus’s RNA to produce more viruses.

After the corona virus infection, the immune response includes specialized ‘antigen presenting cells’ which engulf the virus and display portions of it to activate T-helper cells. T-helper cells enable other immune responses: B cells make antibodies that can block the virus from infecting cells, as well as mark the virus for destruction. Cytotoxic T-cells identify and destroy the virus infected cells. Long lived ‘memory’ B and T cells that recognize the virus can patrol the body for months or years thus providing immunity to the organism.

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