Bionic Cornea – A new vision made possible by modern biomedical advancements

by Tryammbak Kansal

Bionics can be defined as the implementation of the current technological advancements to construct an artificial system using the contemporary understanding of the biological systems that are present in nature. Bionics is not a specialized field but it is an Interscience discipline covering the fields from biology to engineering. Bionics is a concept which exists among us for centuries. Famous polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci worked extensively in this field as it is also portrayed in the works done by him. But now in the 21st century, we are observing a revolution in this field especially due to the convergence of medicine and bionics.

In medicine, bionics simply means the substitution or enhancement of the organs or the different body parts by using the specialized technologies build for that purpose. But we must understand that bionic implants differ from mere prostheses as bionics involves copying the function of the original organ very closely or sometimes surpass it. Or in other words, they will make living cyborgs or a person with superhuman abilities.

Bionic eyes seem like something from science fiction but because of the modern innovations, some projects are underway to develop the functional bionic cornea. Globally several R&D-based companies have already taken initiatives and developed prototypes for further testing. Some of these prototypes worked and helped participants to regain their eyesight partially. But this huge achievement paved the ground for further R&D.

Argus II is one of the bionic eyes, observed as one of the first attempts to commercialize bionic eye technology. It helps to treat a rare genetic disorder called “retinitis pigmentosa” which causes the loss of vision. Argus II is implanted in the patient’s retina that enables them to see some light and motion of objects. Patients have to wear special glasses with a camera mounted on them that send the signals to Argus II wirelessly which further interprets as light by the brain and helps patients to see objects.

The bionic cornea will be a breakthrough in the field of bionic engineering and will potentially help to enhance the understanding of our bodies to make us superhuman. Future technological endeavors will possibly decrease the cost of this tech so that it would be accessible and within the reach of those who need this the most.

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