The Society for Biological Engineering (SBE) at University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University is a Student Chapter of SBE Organization which is under AIChE Technological Community, a global organization of leading engineers and scientists dedicated to advancing the integration of biology with engineering. 

Till date, there are 29 Student Chapters of SBE, and ours is the first in India, established in University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET), Panjab University (PU). It is an international organisation that would provide a chance for all the members to grow professionally and personally.

With this organisation as the platform, we take initiate and undertake various projects concerning biotechnology which includes but not limited to - industrial trips, regular seminars, organising various events at university level and participation in various events. 

It serves as a platform where students/ professionals can come together and work in the field of Biotechnology. It provides great opportunity to interact with people in same profession and likeminded interests. 

We offer wide exposure to biotechnology student and about latest development in the field. 

School LIbrary


An AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers Technological) Community. It has the breadth of resources and expertise that one needs for not only their field but also other fields of technology and management.  


Expansion of the community worldwide: To help in the expansion of the AIChE Society for Biological Engineering, so that more and more people are encouraged to join it.

Evolving knowledge: To develop products and services which are relevant and can bring value to the broad biological engineering community.

Productive future: To bring about awareness of biological engineering among the activities of AIChE.